Music I Like: Leevi and the Leavings (1978–2003)

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EDIT 2015-11-17: I decided to split these up to different posts for easier referencing and easier updating later. See the tag music-i-like to view them all.

Since this is a blog about stuff I want to tell people, I thought I'd make a series of posts about something I love: music. These posts will also serve as a reference for the odd occasion that I tell someone what I like to listen to. My taste in music is somewhat varied and my music library has a lot of stuff in it. That's why I will only cover some of the the artists I like listening to most. One could kind of approximate it from my statistics, but I tend to listen using "Shuffle All" nearly all the time, so the stats will be skewed in favor of artists with lots of tracks (such as 植松伸夫). For each artist I will tell something about them and then add a couple of examples from YouTube. The artists I post about are not in any particular order.

Leevi and the Leavings (1978–2003)

This may be somewhat strange for the international crowd. A very prolific Finnish rock/pop band that released album after another. They were pretty popular in Finland and many of their songs are still very popular in the radio, even though they disbanded after the death of the band's lead, Gösta Sundqvist, in 2003. A couple of noteworthy facts: every single one of their songs was composed, written and arranged by Gösta, and the band never officially did a single live concert. Their songs are very Finnish in their content, usually dealing with the daily struggles of ordinary "little people". Personally I like Gösta's lyrics that often highlight things you don't think about in a tragicomic way, and his catchy melodies in many songs.