Sweden Sans, The Official Köttbulle Font

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It seems Sweden has managed to do what other countries have long been attempting -- they have eradicated the use of Comic Sans in their government's official communications. How? By inventing their own font called Sweden Sans (scroll down a bit on the page) and mandating its use on all official branding. And it looks pretty damn cool.

Sweden Sans demo

So cool, in fact, that I just had to put it to some use so I made it the default heading font on this blog. Granted it looks kinda silly because the rest of the site is very plain, but I'll get there some day when I have an excess of free time. In the meantime, our western neighbours were kind enough to include all the necessary web font formats and even example CSS in the download.

But I'm still missing something. Though it's mentioned in the example texts, there's no download for Sweden Mono Sans. If it was available, I'd probably try it out in my terminal instantly -- if only just because of morbid curiosity.

I also think Finland could follow this example and come up with a font of our own. A font that would gather the whole nation as one and make us forget our petty differences. A font already etched into the hearts of millions of Finns. Maybe we can start here: