SailfishOS: Pitot

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First post of undoubtedly many to come in my SailfishOS adventures. This time it's to tell about a small app I made during the weekend.

Pitot is a simple GPS/GLONASS speedometer for Sailfish. It will display the current speed of the device in big letters on the screen. It has a few different units, including kilometers per hour, meters per second, miles per hour and even knots.

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2

It still needs some polish and a good smart cover. Also, it can't be released in the Jolla Harbour yet, since it uses QtPositioning to get the speed.

Having used it a couple of times, it seems that the Jolla phone's GPS is really terrible, though, since it takes ages to get a speed reading and when you do, the readings jump up and down even though your speed is constant. It also seems the resolution of the speed readings is too bad for trying to measure walking speed – I either get 4.5 or 5.4 kph, nothing in between.

Hopefully I get enough time to finish it next weekend. Now I'll have to be off to work!


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I just literally opened this site about an hour ago and I'm already getting scanned for vulnerabilities.

blog: - - [01/Feb/2015:20:25:10 +0200] "GET /vtigercrm/test/upload/vtigercrm.txt HTTP/1.1" 404 162 "-" "curl/7.29.0"

Isn't the Internet amazing?

Hello, world!

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Slow sunday. Wife is at work. Dog is happily sleeping behind me. The best time to set up that pesky blog I've been thinking about for ages. Though, calling it a blog is a bit too much. More like a place to put all my random thoughts and snippets (usually about technology and programming).

So, this site is going to be the replacement for, which has served me well over the years. Nowadays the content is too embarrassing to display publicly and Wordpress is getting too annoying to keep updating every week. Since I have no use for any advanced features, I'm moving everything over to this ultra simple Laine-powered site. Google+ was another option, but I'm really getting wary of the amount of data they have on me, so I've set a long term goal to ditch Google services. This will be a good first step, though G+ was pretty nice for what it did.

My intention is not to start actual blogging or post in any scheduled way, but more just dump all my small thoughts and observations so I can link to them easily in case I wish to display my ignorance for others. This will also serve as a good test site for Laine.

Well, go and explore!