Random Notes

Mebe – The Minimalistic Elixir Blog Engine

Mebe is a very simple blog engine written in Elixir using Raxx. It aims to provide a simple, no-frills, programmer centric interface for writing posts.

NOTE: Mebe is still at an early stage of development. There are no official releases so you will have to build it yourself and the user’s guide is still a work in progress. If you don’t want to spend time debugging crash traces, I don’t recommend trying it out just yet. If you do try it and find bugs, I will appreciate all reports either here in the comments or on the GitLab project repository.

How does it work?

Posts and pages of the blog are written in Markdown files that are saved to a preconfigured directory. On startup (and when refreshed), Mebe finds all Markdown files in the directory and parses them concurrently. Yearly, monthly and tag archives are automatically generated from the resulting page and post data. Finally, all the data is inserted into Erlang Term Storage (ETS), which is basically an in-memory key-value store. The data from ETS can then be served to the client very quickly.

How do I use it?

Check out the work-in-progress user’s guide.

Is there a demo?

You’re looking at it! This blog runs on Mebe.

How can I get it?

Mebe is open source: the code and licence details can be found on GitLab.