Music I Like: Charm of Finches (2014–)

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My latest musical find is an Australian sister duo of Mabel and Ivy Windred-Wornes, who play chamber folk, or "haunted folk" as they like to call it. Now a sister duo playing folk songs, where have I heard that before? This is not to say that they are a dime a dozen, but rather that they share qualities with First Aid Kit, who I also love: beautiful harmonies, performing talent, and versatile songwriting. Indeed they've listed First Aid Kit as one of their influences. Their songs take me to different places, from fairy tales to stories of grief and loss, and to just wondering about the world.

What's remarkable is that the sisters, who had a musical childhood, had their first EP release already in 2014, when they were just 14 and 11. Singing in a band, performing live, and writing new material requires tenacity and focus that personally I would not have had at that age. And now in 2020, they are still at it, with two additional releases behind them and the next one in the plans. I have to respect that work ethic.

Currently with the cursed COVID-19 still going around, they are stuck in lockdown in Australia. But I hope that perhaps next year they could get back to touring, and some day make their way to Finland.

Current favourite song is difficult to pick, but if I had to pick, I'd say "Paper and Ink":

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