Code::Stats Stickers for Sale Again

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After setting up AhlCode and figuring out the taxing and accounting, I'm able to start selling Code::Stats stickers again. Read on to find out the specs!

I have ordered two rolls of stickers from Stickermule that proudly carry the C::S logo. These are perfect for your laptop, desktop tower, bicycle, or whatever you want to add some geek factor to! They are durable, weatherproof, and dishwasher safe. The size is 5 × 3.3 cm (1.97" × 1.3").

Perfect for the ultimate hipster machine!

How to Order

First decide how many stickers you wish to order. The stickers are 2.5 € a piece, and a postage cost of 1.85 € will be added (1.75 € for Finnish customers). For private customers in the European Union fiscal territory (from hereon EUFT), a 24 % VAT will be added to the total. For VAT liable EUFT businesses and customers outside EUFT, no VAT will be added.

Example if you order 1 sticker as private person in the EUFT: 2.5 + 1.85 + VAT = 5.39 €.

Example if you order 2 stickers from outside the EUFT: 2 × 2.5 + 1.85 = 6.85 €.

Example if you order 3 stickers as private person in Finland: 3 × 2.5 + 1.75 + VAT = 11.47 €.

To order, send me a free form email to Remember to add a note specifying how many you are ordering and add your shipping address. I will send a Stripe invoice to your email. Stripe supports the most common credit and debit cards. When I get payment, I will send the stickers through regular mail. Thanks for supporting! 🙂

If you live in an area with SEPA bank transfers, you can use that instead. Or if you live in Finland, I can accept also MobilePay. Please state in your email if you wish to use these payment methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will the money be used for?

The profit will go to AhlCode (i.e. my side business). All money will be marked into accounting so that it won't be mixed with my personal money. It will be used to pay for the server and domain costs of the service, in addition to costs like buying more stickers, envelopes, etc. Any possible profit at the end of the year will be taxed as income for me.

How long will the shipping take?

The stickers are shipped in a normal letter with priority shipping from Finnish Post. Estimates from their website:

  • Nordic countries and Central Europe 2–5 working days,
  • rest of Europe 3–6 working days,
  • rest of the world: large cities 4–10 working days, other destinations: no estimate.

Note that before sending the letter, I will have to get stamps and I don't have time to send them every night, so it might take a few days for them to be sent in the first place.

Can you show more pictures?


Banana for scale.
The sticker also supports legacy hardware.
Feels right at home next to the Thinkpad logo.
Or place it next to your keyboard to rest your palm on it all day.
Stickers on a roll.