Theremin Videos

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For some reason, while browsing the Interwebs, I stumbled upon Carolina Eyck, a German theremin player. The theremin is a fascinating electronic instrument played by moving hands in front of the instrument, without touching it. It has a very unique space-y kind of sound. Even though I am not musical in any way, after seeing a few videos, I suddenly had a great urge to get myself one and learn to play it. To save everyone's ears, I won't be doing that, but will just settle for listing some fun videos.

Here's Carolina showing how the theremin is played and what kind of sounds you can make with it:

Here she is playing in the 2008 Theremin Festival:

…and then for something less formal:

Additionally, here's a link to the first theremin video I ever saw (this video shows really well that it can suit faster, more modern music styles too):

It is quite a shame that the instrument is not more well known. I have seen quite many instruments in different places, but I have never seen the theremin being played live. Well, at least it's another thing to look forward to!