Welcome to Vanha-Juva!

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This advertisement has been paid for by the Travel & Tourism Board of Vanha-Juva.

Vanha-Juva, the forgotten jewel of western Finland.
Whether you yearn for an idyllic home in a quiet area…
or only feel alive in the bustling city.
Whether you seek the best possible view up high…
or next to the clean lakes.
Or even if you desperately seek some secluded space of your own. There is surely something to fit everyone's needs.
In Vanha-Juva, we have invested in nature values by placing ~~1~~ at least 3 parks in the city.
Traffic is one of our top priorities…
and we have designed all main roads to be as simple as possible.
Here, road connections are never far away!
And should you choose to spend the rest of your life here…
we will take care of you even then!
Vanha-Juva, the city of dreams!

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